EXCEPTIONS OF RULE: Counterpoints to Truth

February 02, 2018

The False Memory Archive is part of a 3 person exhibition with artists Song-Ming Ang and Pak Sheung Chuen at ADM Gallery, Singapore"The authority of knowledge and the official word have traditionally afforded society with a basis of faith and belief. In a post-internet age where the overwhelming circulation of image and information has been accelerated at unprecedented levels, new data continues to supersede prior ones at a pace that does not allow for deeper reflection, much less verification. It is this condition of uncertainty regarding the relativity of subscribed truths that the exhibition Exceptions of Rule attends to, through the works of artists Song-Ming Ang (Germany / Singapore), A.R. Hopwood (United Kingdom) and Pak Sheung Chuen (Hong Kong)." 


March 03, 2018

False Memory Archive at Schunck, Holland is a cabinet exhibition specifically designed for the unique context of the cultural centre in Heerlen. It includes a new site-specific work developed with Dutch musician Evelien van den Broek and Dr. Henry Otgaar based at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University.  

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