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2018        Siobian Heiblom, Wetenschap en kunst laten zien dat ons geheugen liegt, HP De Tijd, Holland

2018        Nina Siegal, Discovering Art in and Around Maastricht, New York Times, USA

2018        Pauline, The Thin Line between Fact and Fiction, Plural Art Magazine, Singapore

2017        Mads Nyborg Støstad, Jeg har et falskt minne.Det har antagelig du også, NRK, Norway

2016        Dr. Julia Shaw, The Memory Illusion. Pub. Penguin Random House

2016        SJ Watson, Art, Identity and the world's most famous amnesiac, Guardian  

2016        Chris French, Social Recall: Factors that can affect false memory, Guardian 

2016        Nicola Davis, Exploring The Edges of Consciousness, Guardian 

2016        Megan Carnegie Brown, The truth about false memories. Observer  

2016        Kate Hilpern, What would it mean if our most precious recollections had never happened?    

2016        Jarvis Cocker, States of Mind Sunday Service, BBC 6. 

2016        Mark Haddon, States of Mind - Experiences at the Edge of Consciousness, Pub. Wellcome 

2015        Matt Thacker, My Golden Summer, All Out Cricket Magazine 

2014        Emma Lewis, A Case of Misplaced Faith: Photomonitor Essay

2014        Julia Langbein, Critics' Pick, AR Hopwood’s False Memory Archive, Art Forum

2014        Helen Sumpter, AR Hopwood’s False Memory Archive, Art Review

2014        Melissa Hogenboom - Why Does The Brain Create False Memories? BBC News Feature

2014        Crudely Erased Adults, Big Picture Feature, The Psychologist Magazine

2014        Kate Hilpern, False Memory Archive: Did that really happen?, Feature in the Independent

2014        Editorial, A.R. Hopwood’s False Memory Archive, Wall Street International

2014        Phyliss Stephen, Talbot Rice: False Memory Archive, Preview in Edinburgh Reporter

2014        David Pollock, Interview: artist AR Hopwood discusses the False Memory Archive, The List

2013        Dan Damon, BBC World update, BBC World Service, radio interview

2013        Jon Sopel, BBC Global News, Live Television interview

2013        Elizabeth Loftus / Eryn Newman, Updating Ebbinghaus on the Science of False Memory,   EJoP

2013        Editorial, The False Memory Archive, Review in The Cornishman newspaper

2013        Zing Tsjeng, The False Memory Archive, Feature in Dazed online

2012        Tiffany O Callaghan, Remembering Things That Never Happened, New Scientist

2012        Tom Jeffreys, The False Memory Archive - an interview with A.R. Hopwood, SpoonFed

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